Saturday, June 8, 2013

Walking My Neighborhood #3

So, lest you think your future includes being subjected to "my neighborhood" pictures every other day, let me clear things up right away.  I only have like five viewers of my blog so I clearly can't afford to alienate anyone.

These pictures were taken a while back but I was too lazy (straight talk) to create a blog post with them.  Now that I have either a) gotten the swing of creating blog posts more easily, or b) gotten over my laziness, (feel free to make your own assumptions here), I am doing a "catch up" post (or two) so that in the future "my neighborhood" pictures can be posted in semi-real time.

Just play along.

Here's where we start.

Magnolia blossoms - love.

The Sears Automotive back door.  Who was it that said, "I know, let's paint the doors a hideous turquoise!"??

Only in California - a water fountain for you and a water fountain for your dog.

These trees are all over and so interesting.  I think they're eucalyptus.  Can anyone verify?

Arrows, arrows, everywhere.

Are we going the right way??

How about now??

I was totally enamored with these baby ducks.  Notice the "daddy duck" sitting in the shade.  Mmmm-hmmmmm......

I have a couple update pics to come - the babies are growing.

Baby ducks and my walking companion.  They are clearly skittish....

Trick photo!!  This is NOT in my neighborhood!  Can anyone identify the location??

From my world to yours - just a frame away.



  1. Joanie Jones is the first person to correctly identify the location in the last picture above. Anyone else??

  2. Apparently Kenny Jolley was also able to identify the location in the last picture but was unable to post his comment. Whatever.

  3. Ack! The ducklings are SO adorable!