Monday, June 24, 2013

Photography Class Week 4 - Texture and Patterns

I suspect by now you've picked up on the theme - all of you are taking my photography class right along with me.  So we're humming along and we're at week four.

I have to admit that this week's assignment didn't inspire me initially.  We were instructed that textures and patterns were to be the main focus of our photos and that they should fill the frame.  Generally, this requires a closer shot which I thought could be tricky.  I thought the shots might either come off as boring or just plain confusing ("What is that a picture of??").

But after I gave it a try, I came up with some that I thought were interesting (although some really DO need an explanation.)  Here is my "textures and patterns" portfolio.  Let me know which ones you like (or don't like).  I'll submit the six best shots for the class.

The swirling makes this look almost like it could be underwater.

Contrail meets cloud formation

The end of the jacaranda for this year. *sigh*

Fancy lamppost

I loved the delicate petals and the bees inside!

Thanks for letting me share.

From my world to yours - just a frame away.



  1. 5, 8, 23 and 25! Great Pics! Week 3 is still my favorite!! :)

  2. Twisted trunk. Magnolia. Hydrangea. Those are my faves.

    How are the ducklings doing?