Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's full-on springtime in SoCal and the flowers are amazing.  They deserve a post dedicated solely to them, don't ya think?  These are the flowers that are blooming in our townhome complex.  And the best part is that someone else takes care of them and I just get to enjoy them.  That's a deal.

These have been growing by my garage door for eight years and I just realized they're really soft - I was so surprised.

Don't they just make you go "ahhhh"?

Monday, April 1, 2013

San Diego Harbor

A beautiful spring day in San Diego just begs for a walk around the harbor.  Seriously, I had no choice.

Coronado Bay Bridge

#41 Midway

Manchester Grand Hyatt

This guy was balancing these rocks on top of each other.  No kidding....

Cute, huh?

I love reflections.

A store in Seaport Village selling wind decor.

This is a cool one for getting your surfer on!

Interested in a fixer upper?  You could probably pick this up cheap.  Move to San Diego and live on the Californian!