Saturday, December 29, 2012

Typical December Day in San Diego

I'm pinching myself of course.  I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to live in such a beautiful city.  What better way to break in a new camera than an afternoon at the beach.  Here we go!

La Valencia Hotel - La Jolla

Palm trees lined up - I love 'em.
From any angle.......

I was never any good at kite flying.

Obviously this guy is.

Seals soaking up the beautiful day.....what a life.
Seriously......what a life!!

More seals at the Children's Pool in La Jolla.  It's not really a "children's pool" any more
 because the seals have taken it over and they're being protected by environmentalists.
Big controversy in Southern California.
Pelicans lounging.  I'm glad the blog doesn't have smell-a-vision.
They don't smell very good.

The beach is magnificent of course, but there are beautiful sights everywhere, if we just take the time to notice.  This is a great big beautiful world but sometimes the most wondrous things are right in front of us -- a flower, an icicle, a sunrise, a sunset or a full moon.  There is so much to appreciate.

From my world to yours - just a frame away.


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  1. Aww...lovely San Diego. These pictures make me even more excited to be there in just 3 short weeks!