Monday, May 19, 2014

Colorado and San Francisco - May 2014

Took a trip to Colorado in May - Highlands Ranch, Golden, and Haxtun - and then a week later went to San Francisco.  Got to see all of our kids and most of the grandkids (Mackenzie was away at college) in a two-week timeframe.  Great trips!


Grandparenting is so much fun.

**Mason thought bubbles**  

"What is that on Jeni's eye?"

"How long do you suppose she'll let me poke her in the eye?"

"I wonder if that stuff comes off - fascinating."

"Think I'll take a closer look."

"Nope, I guess it doesn't come off."

The cool kids - Savannah and Rod.  

Got to go to Skyler's awards assembly.  Well done, Skyler!

One of my favorite shote - beautiful blue eyes.

Birthday party for Savannah.

Guess who was the best babysitter of the day.

In a year he'll be playing games on this iPhone, not chewing on it.

Mother's Day present from Kenny and Colby!

Last day in Colorado.  You knew it had to happen.

San Francisco

Enjoyed chillin' and chattin' with Daryl and Ryan in Golden Gate Park.

Showed the guys how to make a clover necklace.

View from our hotel room in the financial district - so cool.

Had a couple great dinners with Daryl and Ryan - and enjoyed going out to "Swig" where Daryl was DJ'ing.

We had a fantastic time with everyone.....and yet it's always good to be home.

From my world to yours  -  just a frame away.


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