Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Abstract Action

So back in November, I took another online photography class.  This one was called "Going Abstract" and it was about finding ways to portray an abstract view in our photos.  Actually not as easy as it sounds.  Even though you would take photos of things in the real world, the subjects need to be obscured in some way so as not to be completely recognizable -- by blurring, super close up, reflections, etc.  Interesting, no?

Well, I made an effort, but I was completely distracted in the month of November with things like the complete gutting and redoing of all three bathrooms in our house and the constant mess and requisite cleaning.  House renovation is now complete and, fortuitously. the photography instructor has allowed the alumni to take the class again in February for free, so sign me up!

I am offering up here, a few of the photos that I managed to take the first time through.  Then in a few weeks I'll post photos that I take during the next class in February.  You all can play art critic and decide if:  1) by applying my full attention in the month of February I took amazing photos, or;  2) the photos during house renovation distractions were better, or;  3) why do I even bother owning a camera.  Sounds like fun, right?

Okay -- here are the "best of" the abstract photos from "distraction November."

That's all for now, friends.  I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for what comes out of the class "Going Abstract", part deux.  You can count on the fact that you'll see it here.  :)

From my world to yours -- just a frame away.


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  1. When I think of abstract, I think of things that are pretty far out there...and either completely or almost completely unrecognizable. I have no idea if that's truly what 'abstract' is...just how I think of it. For that reason, the shots that I think are the best representation of abstract from this selection are: #6, #21, #22, #23. My favorite is #6.

    Counting down the days until February's works of art! :)