Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Many Faces of Flynn

Don't ya sometimes wonder what toddlers are thinking?  They haven't yet developed the language to tell us, and ya gotta believe there's a lot going on in those little minds.

I think I know what Flynn was really thinking.

"How long is this graduation anyway?"

"Two hours?? There better be more snacks where these came from.  Just sayin'."

"Those modeling classes paid off after all."

"Fortunately, I didn't need dancing classes.  Nailin' it." 

"Dad said this party would rock.  He wasn't kidding."

"Hey, Dad!  Wanna swap your burger and fries for my PB&J?  I'm ready for some man food."

"Hmmm.....  can I spew this without getting in trouble?"

"Seriously?  I'm done with the photography.  O-V-E-R."

"Maybe if I pretend to nap, she'll leave me alone."

"Oh, all right.  One more."

"It's a curse to be so darn cute.  *sigh*"

"Dad and Grandma have on matching belts.  That's just embarrassing."

"Put me down quick.  There's a hotty two year old over there."

"Hmmm....indestructible?  We'll see."

"How much will you give me to throw these suckers on the ground?  Ten bucks?"


"I wonder if I can pin that fart on Mom."

"Yep, pulled it off."

"No more pictures or you'll be talking to my lawyer."

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